i’m an adult…i think

today i did a lot of adult activities. i researched auto insurance, transfer of car title, and fsa reimbursement. whew! that’s a lot of “adulting.” it’s still a growth process.

even though i’m in my mid-20’s (closer to 30 than 20), i still feel very much like a little kid wandering around without supervision. i have a job that pays…ok…and i have my own apartment (with a roommate) and we split the utilities and rent. i pay for my food and buy my clothes. i go out with friends occasionally and go out with my boyfriend. i also vote, pay for my own gas, pay for my car maintenance. i am, for all intents and purposes, an adult.

however, i am also an only child and i live about 2 miles from my parents. my mom still cooks me dinner, my parents still take me to the movies, my parents still give me financial help on occasion, and sometimes my mom does some of my laundry. my parents have helped me out and continue to provide a lot of assistance and advice whenever i am in need. does that make me less of an adult?

being a responsible, successful adult is a learning process that continues to develop and grow over time. i know some people catch on more quickly for whatever reason, and maybe if i wasn’t an only child or if my parents were different types of parents i would have been forced to “grow up” at a much quicker rate. part of entering a new year for me means really jumping for those adult goals, really embracing those parts of life that are not as pleasant, that are more procedural, that are more responsible.


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