next year, best year?

it seems like every year i try to make resolutions that are practical and easy to stick with. every year they fall by the wayside. honestly, i try to hold myself accountable for the things i want to achieve in the new year, but i stop holding myself accountable mostly because life happens during the year. events pop up, new people walk into your life, job situations change, feelings change, basically the way the year starts is never the way it is at the end of the year or even one month into the year.

you say you want to go on a diet, get thin, get fit. and for the first couple of weeks you’re vigilant about eating healthy food, lots of fruits and veggies. you go to the gym at least three times a week. but then you get invited to a dinner party or out for drinks or a steak dinner, and all of a suddenly every opportunity to socialize with friends to share a meal with family, everything becomes an excuse to forget your resolutions for a night. like scarlett o’hara says, “tomorrow is another day.”

but i like making resolutions, i like the idea of thinking about the improvements i want to make in my life, the ways i can become a better version of myself. usually my resolutions are usually along the lines of losing weight, saving more money, not shopping frivolously, reading more, hanging out with my friends more. this year i’m trying to take an approach that is modeled after jess lively’s intention-based approach.

i don’t want my resolutions for 2015 to be so goal and results oriented. i don’t want one of my resolutions to be “lose 10 lbs.” i want my resolution to be more focused on the idea of health, fitness, and exercise as a whole. i want it to be focused on using the tools i have at my disposal to boost my overall wellness. i want to use my fitbit more proactively, i want to use my bike trainer with more regularity.

i really believe that 2015 has the potential to be a great year. the best year? well, i don’t know. i don’t think it’s fair to really classify one year as a best year. there are good things that happen every year along with some pretty shitty moments. some years really stand out for their great moments, but they all have their ups and downs. i wouldn’t trade anything that happened in 2014 for anything in the world. but i am very encouraged by the potential for greatness in 2015!


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