crafting what i want for 2015

i have big plans for 2015 which can only mean one thing…they probably will not live up to the hype and expectations i have for those plans. that’s not necessarily a bad thing. during 2014 i have learned that subjective, random, pulled-from-the-air goals are not the key to finding my way to real happiness and satisfaction. there’s always the initial high from reaching your goal, but then you’re focused on achieving the next level.

i want my plans to be enduring to continue throughout 2015 and potentially through the rest of my life (i know that is a long time). my plans need to be open-ended and they need to focus on areas where i truly want to make changes. i need to be motivated by real interest not by trends. i also want my plans to be about building up and adding instead of being restrictive and taking things away.

above all, however, i know what my number one plan for 2015 will be: drink more tea!

a lot of my philosophy for crafting my 2015 comes from one of my favorite people on the internet, jess lively. check out her site to learn more about crafting a life with intention.


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