happy new year!

so, we’ve made it. 2015. it’s really here, and i’m living it.

last night we went to a new years eve dinner party hosted by family friends. they host this party every year, and it is always a potluck with a food theme. this year the theme was italian. i brought marinated tomatoes made with a recipe i found on the pioneer woman‘s website.

the tomatoes turned out great. the flavors were so awesome and blended so well together. plus, it’s such a simple recipe; you throw everything together and let it sit for a few hours. simple as that. i also love this recipe because it’s light and fresh and pretty healthy. it makes a great side dish, but it could also double as a salad when mixed with greens or as a no-cook pasta sauce.

personally, i would eat this as a main dish by itself. i would maybe add in some sliced onions as well. also, i would cut the amount of sugar used. the recipe, which is supposed to serve 18, calls for 4Tbsp of sugar. this is to counteract the acidity of the tomatoes, but i thought that was too much, and i put in 3Tbsp. i thought that was even too much. next time i make this (and that will definitely happen!), i will probably try either 2 or 1 Tbsp sugar.

all the tomatoes were eaten up at the party which i consider to be an indication of a successful recipe!


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