my plans for 2015

i have spent a lot of time over the past few days of the new year thinking about my plans for 2015. what do i want to accomplish, what will make me happy, what will make me feel proud about myself? these are all questions i am asking over and over in my head.

since 2014 was a good year for me, i have decided that i want to add to my bounty. i want to keep moving forward with the good momentum from last year.

i want to add by subtracting. the things i surround myself with at my apartment should make me happy. i have a lot of stuff and not all of it makes me happy; there’s too much stuff that i continue to own year after year that does not make me happy, that i don’t use, that i don’t find beautiful.  here’s the thing, i don’t need to add to my incredible bounty by going out and purchasing more things that i find pleasing. what i really need to do is round up the items in my apartment that i no longer want and donate them. i will then find myself surrounded by a higher percentage of things i like and find beautiful and useful. see, adding by subtracting.

i also have wellness goals for 2015 as do most people who make resolutions. my intentionsare not going to be objective, like “i waant to lose 10lbs and exercise 3 times a week and i will never eat carbs again.” i participate in some light exercise, probably not as much as i should. i bike ocassionally and i go for walks or hikes every so often. most of my daily movement comes from my work where i usually spend close to 8 hours on my feet, moving around, serving customers. for the most part, though, i hate to exercise. i haate it with a passion; it is not fun, i don’t feel good after, i don’t feel a high from exercising. the only enjoyment i ever get from exercising is when i am with other people, like walking with a friend or biking with my boyfriend.

i have a fitbit and a bike trainer that i want to use more. i do use my fitbit everyday; i pin it to my jeans and it counts my steps. if i remember i sync it with my laptop which keeps track of how many steps i walk each day, how many miles i’ve walked, and how many calories i’ve burned. except i don’t sync it everyday, i don’t really look at my stats, and i don’t change any of my habits if i see that i’m not really meeting my goals. honestly when i see that i’m not meeting any of the goals it does make me feel ashamed because my fitbit was a gift that i specifically asked for. i feel bad for not using it properly.

the same goes with my bike trainer. i specifically said that i wanted one, promised that i would use it if i had one. well, i got one, i used it for a couple of weeks, then i just stopped. i haven’t touched it in months. and i feel deeply ashamed about that. every time  walk into my apartment and see my bike trainer, i hate myself for asking for this gift and never using it.

so for 2015, i want to utilize my tools more. i want to really use my fitbit for how it was intended. i want to use it to improve overall fitness; i want to remember to sync my fitbit regularly, analyze my stats, and adjust my daily activity so that i am making progress. in addition, i want to start using my ibke trainer with regularity. i will certainly try my hardest to stick with my wellness intentions for the upcoming year.

some other goals i have for 2015 include reading more books, finding more hobbies that i enjoy, cooking and baking more, and drinking more tea!


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