what i’m reading in 2015

i love to read, and every year i always plan to read a lot of books. last year i read close to 30 books, better than previous years. i try not to re-read books because there is so much out there that i haven’t read yet and that i want to read. i love the idea of devouring a new story, new characters, a new setting. it’s like diving into a new world each time i pick up a new book.

at the end of 2013 the last book i started reading is a book by thomas mcnamee called alice waters and chez panisse. it is part biography of alice waters and part history of the famed berkeley restaurant called chez panisse. in reality, the two cannot be separated from each other. alice and her restaurant are virtually one in the same. i am hard pressed to think of a restaurant that so wholly embodies the philosophy and vision of its founder as chez panisse does. to me and many others, alice waters is a revolutionary, a trail blazer. i admire her immensely. i admire her vision, her tenacity, her true belief that changing the way we eat can change the world.

i wasn’t able to finish the book by december 31, so it didn’t count for my total in 2014. it was the first book i finished in 2015, and i’ve decided to make 2015 the year i read more books by females or featuring strong female protagonists. i’ve put together a stack on my shelves of all the books i own written by females. those will be the first ones i read. after that i’m going to move on to books that feature strong female characters. my goal for the year is to read 30 unique books for the year. also, i’m trying to not purchase any new books for my personal library. i guess that if i make it through all the books written by women and featuring women characters before making it to 30, i will raid my parents home library or borrow from my friends.

after finishing the mcnamee book, i decided to start 2015 with amy poehler’s yes please which was a gift from my secret santa after sitting on my amazon wishlist since long before it was actually published. not only is the book funny and charming, it also reinforces my admiration for amy poehler as a comedienne and as a feminist. i truly love her “be yourself” approach. i’m about half-way through the book, and i look forward to finishing it soon.


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