good hair day

the past few months i’ve been having a good hair day. i know that sounds strange, but it’s not really about individual good hair, bad hair days. for me, it’s more about embracing a facet of my physical appearance that for a long time i have disliked.

for a long, long time i have disliked my natural hair. i disliked that it was a bit wavy, a bit curly, a bit frizzy. in short, i hated that it wasn’t sleek, and glossy, and straight. i wanted hair that was easy to manage, that air-dried perfectly and didn’t require the use of a million products and styling tools. but since i didn’t have this hair naturally, i used a million products and spent a lot of time in the bathroom with my straightening iron, carefully ironing countless sections of hair. it was very expensive and time consuming.

 while i was working two jobs, i pretty much stopped styling my hair. working in food service i always pulled my hair back, and then working in high-end fashion retail they did not like my curly hair, so i always wore it in a slicked back ponytail. i went through a lot of hair gel during that 10 month period. there was no hair straightening (unless i had just come from the stylist).

the turnaround happened pretty soon after leaving my job in clothing retail. the reasons are two-fold: i found a hair product that actually made my hair looked nice without a lot of work, and i found a guy that actually liked my kind of curly, kind of wavy, kind of frizzy, kind of big jewish girl hair. it’s very refreshing.

now my hair is growing long, and i love how it looks. i love letting it air dry after a shower, seeing the bouncy curls and the soft waves. seeing myself through someone else’s eyes gives me a lot of confidence and is an insane self-esteem boost. (i know there’s a lot someone could say about being able to have confidence without the aid of someone else’s approval…but that’s a post for another day.)


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