three weeks down

today i finished up the first three weeks of work at my new job. it’s been going well, very smoothly, and since about day two i have been up and running on my own with minimal help from my co-workers. i have always been a fan of the “throw you right in” approach to training, and that’s basically what happened here, and it’s one of the reasons that i feel the first three weeks have gone so well.

undoubtedly, the most amazing part of my job isn’t the work i’m doing but where i get to do it. i’m working at an institution which is a research library (with a first folio and a gutenberg bible), art museum, and botanical garden all rolled into one. is it possible to be insanely jealous of myself? on my lunch breaks i am trying to walk around the grounds, take in the gardens and art, and get a little bit of exercise. i went to see the wisteria and cherry blossoms in bloom in the japanese garden. i have also taken in some exhibits i was interested in viewing. all during lunch. i consider it to be truly spectacular. for someone like me, this is heaven. thinking about how much extraordinary history and art i am constantly surrounded by, just steps outside my office door…i am often overcome with emotion.

my new work is not thrilling. it does not require me run around like a whirling dervish trying to please multiple people in record time. i’m not saying that i’m allowed to plod along at a molasses pace, but as long as i get my work done in a reasonable amount of time, i am left alone. one of the most relaxing parts of my job is not having to deal with customers; i am strictly back-end, behind the scenes. not having to plaster a fake smile on my face for hours at a time and make small talk with individuals i don’t know very well or have very much in common with is a breath of fresh air.


even bigger changes

after a break, i am back. in my last post, i talked about stepping down into a new position at work. i spent about one month working in that lower position, and it was very relaxing, stress-free, and restorative. i loved having the extra free time; i did not love less money.

fortunately, the world can move quickly. two weeks after working in my new store, i was offered a full-time office job at a museum and research library. today was my second day. i am riding a high of emotions right now; i am so happy to be right where i am at this moment.