new normal

i’ve been with my new job for over one month now, and i’m still trying to adjust to this idea of a new normal. my job has dramatically shifted the way i live my life day to day. for 3+ years my normal consisted of changing schedules, never having weekends free, getting up before the crack of dawn every day. it was brutal and, towards the end, hellish.

i am still happy with my new job. i am happy with my work, with my working space, with the freedom to wear my lovely clothes, the ability to take my breaks when i feel like, the knowledge that i can leave when the clock hits 5pm because that is the end of our working day. i am happy that i am not micro-managed, that i am left to do my work, and that i am expected to get it done in a timely manner without having someone breathing over my shoulder. it’s calming and less stressful.

since starting my new job, i have been dressing better, i have been cooking and baking more, i have taken a cruise with my boyfriend, i have been able to make weekend plans with people. i went to the farmers market last sunday near my apartment and bought some lovely lettuce, tomatoes, avocados. after my mom and i went to meet my new baby cousin/her new great nephew. i wouldn’t have been able to do this at my old job because i always worked sundays and was made to feel guilty about asking for the occasional sunday off for myself.

i know people eschew the idea of normal; everyone wants to be unique and interesting, and ground-breaking. but i love this idea of normal. the idea that my schedule is now on par with a majority of my friends and family. i like the repetitiveness because i can make long-term plans; i don’t have to wait to see what my schedule will be before agreeing to an event in the future. my life has become more calming, more soothing, less stressful. i will keep this new normal.


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