by now, most people have heard about the saga of belle gibson, wellness guru and media personality, who falsely claimed to have terminal cancer several times. the excerpt quotes i’ve read online from her interview with australian women’s weekly portray her as a narcissistic, self-centered, manipulative liar telling half-truths and framing herself as the one taken for a ride instead of the other way around.

she claims to have been “misdiagnosed” and won’t reveal any of the medicine or science behind her diagnostics. according to the weekly, even details about her personal life and background are murky and hard to corroborate.

i am disgusted by this hoax, by the deceit, by the false claims, by the promotion of a lifestyle that so emphatically shunned the modern medicine that has helped so many. i know that proper nutrition, access to fresh food, and a diet rich in fruits and veggies can help our bodies do amazing things and keep us healthy and full of energy. but i wonder how many people who had received devastating diagnoses followed her lead, turned away from modern treatments, and how that ultimately may have affected their health. what is her culpability? where is her remorse for having lead so many astray?

so many people’s lives have been touched by cancer. seeing how this woman has profited from her false claims, with her best-selling app and cookbook, makes me so angry. i am frustrated because her publishers never attempted to substantiate her medical claims. i am sad because cancer is a horrible, devastating disease that destroys people, destroys families. i am disgusted that she was celebrated as a warrior when she was never sick.

in my mind belle gibson is lowest of the low and i really think that she’ll get hers in the end.


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