personal style

i have a personal style that i would describe as classic, simple, and clean. when i go shopping, i try to find pieces that will stand the test of time, that i will still enjoy wearing one month from now, one year from now, even five years from now. in fact, i still have dresses that i bought in high school and college that still fit and that i still wear.

i don’t like things to be more complicated than needed. and my clothing is one area that can be as un-fussy as possible. my personal dress code is pants or skirt with a top and a sweater or blazer on top. i like clean, uninterrupted lines. i don’t like layer upon layer of clothing. personally i think it looks bulky and messy. but, again, that’s just me. i also am a fan of simple patters, stripes (sometimes my boyfriend calls me beetlejuice), plaid, herringbone. i think these patterns are especially easy to mix and match which means that my clothes are very easy to mix and match giving me greater flexibility with my wardrobe. in addition to having a fairly neutral color palate, i find my wardrobe to be really filled with easy to wear and long lasting pieces that can work for a variety of casual, professional, and dressy situations.

my personal style philosophy also extends to my accessories. i prefer simple, classic jewelry. i don’t change up my jewelry much; i mostly stick to a few key pieces that have a lot of sentimental value to me. i like the idea of having signature pieces that are easily identifiable to people as “lacey” pieces. i know that sounds very selfish. the earrings i wear a majority of the time are pearl studs that my boyfriend gave me as a birthday present. i love them very much; each time i put them on i’m always reminded of how much i love him, of how generous he is, of how much i love spending time with him.

in the end i really believe the most important thing about building your own personal style and wardrobe is to really think about how to get as much use out of your clothes as possible. i believe in being comfortable above all and that will make you feel stylish.


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