for as long as i can remember, i have loved to shop. i have loved to go out with friends to malls, outdoor shopping centers, any places where we can look at makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories. i love going into stores and touching and trying on and testing out. and i do get a thrill from buying something new and bringing it home with me in a lovely shopping bag.

recently, however, shopping has become less fun, less of a thrill, less of an activity for me. in the past year or so i have been really attempting to reign in my spending and get my finances under control. i have been saving more, spending less, and spending only on what is truly important. i like the idea of seeing more money sitting in my bank accounts instead of sitting in my closet or medicine cabinet.

in addition, i am trying to channel my shopping into looking for specific items that I want to add to my wardrobe. like pencil skirts, black work trousers, button-down blouses for instance. i head out now with a mental list of exactly what i’m looking for, and i stick closely to my list when i’m pulling pieces off the rack to try on. unfortuantely, i have been having trouble finding items on my list that fit well and are in my budget. i am not buying items that are on my wardrobe wish list simply because they are budget friendly if they don’t fit well. does that mean my standards are too high? is it too much to want to buy clothes that are inexpensive and fit well? right now i am somewhat in between sizes which i definitely think contributes to my current feelings of frustration while shopping.

for right now, i have decided to put my directed shopping on hold. i still genuinely enjoy window shopping with my friends and i have learned to really control my impulse spending when it comes to clothing, shoes, and accessories (not so much with makeup, though). i am trying to be happy and satisfied with what is already in my closet (and it’s not insubstantial!) and learn how to create interesting and fun outfits from what i own. i want to go back to when shopping was all about fun and socializing and spending time with friends. 


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