college haze

may 1st was decision day for many high school seniors. the class of 2019…crazy, right? i know in the grand scheme of things, i am still really young (28!), but thinking about how i made my decision ten years ago makes college feel like a very distant memory.

my college years were very enjoyable and very productive. i took great classes, met great people, worked a great campus job. my campus was beautiful and the town was a fun place to hang out with friends, get dinner or drinks, and go shopping. despite usual school difficulties, deadlines, term papers, studying for midterms and finals, i had such a wonderful four years in college.

my college tours started right after my junior year of high school ended. my parents came to pick me up from school and we drove around parts of the mid-atlantic and new england looking at small liberal-arts colleges and mid-sized universities. there were some i hated upon site (i’m so sorry wesleyan and wellesley and mt holyoke!), some i immediately loved (university of rochester and smith college), and some that fell somewhere in the middle (boston university and syracuse and cornell). i came home for my summer break with a lot to think about.

college tours continues throughout my senior year of high school. being from california, i looked at schools closer to home like usc and scripps college. and of course, a given was that i would apply to some university of california schools. i picked four (which did not include berkeley or ucla) and applied before i had even visited any of them. with the application deadline so early, i had to really rely on my instinct to guide me to davis, santa barbara, santa cruz, and irvine. as it became increasingly obvious that i was going to be headed to a university of california campus, i went to tour my choices to help me decide.

my choice ended up being perfect for me and i’m so happy to be part of the university of california alumni. i ended up really loving the big campus, the big classes, the small classes, the crazy amount of campus offerings, the college town atmosphere. i also met some wonderful people, made some amazing friends, learned so much about myself. i think college was just an incredible four years.


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