welcome #royalbaby!

as a royal fan i was of course very happy to hear the news of the birth of a new british princess. i have been a longtime fan of the british royal family, especially queen elizabeth ii. in second grade i wrote the queen a letter about how much i liked her and how i was having a victorian tea party for my birthday party that year (my mom had recently informed me that queen victoria was related to queen elizabeth ii). i drew her a picture of what my tea party was going to look like. my letter and picture was sent off to the queen at windsor castle (which i thought sounded cooler than buckingham palace) and a little bit of time later i got a reply from a lady-in-waiting. i brought my letter to show and tell that year.

over the years i have kept an interest in royal families in europe, but my royal interest reached a fever pitch, along with so many others, in 2011 around the time of the wedding of kate middleton and prince william (ugh…what happened?! all the hair loss…). i stayed up all night to stream the wedding and i oohed and ahhed over her dress and tiara.

since the wedding, i have become more interested in royal families from other european countries like sweden and denmark. i am interested to see what kind of work they’re doing, what kind of trips they take, what organizations they throw their support behind. i imagine what i would want to support if i were in a royal position. i think it can be an amazing opportunity to really shed light and bring to the forefront organizations and causes that maybe do not get as much attention as they deserve. or maybe i would use my influence to work with the united nations.

i was on my toes all weekend waiting to hear the name chosen for the new princess. reading the predictions, i was definitely a fan of charlotte and alice. along with many people, i also wondered how they would incorporate a tribute to diana. of course, i loved the name chosen, charlotte elizabeth diana. i think the new princess has a lot to live up to, but i think that people, when called, will rise to the occasion. the new princess has the support of doting parents, grandparents, and the biggest great grandmother of all, the queen herself.


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