10 years

last weekend was my 10 year high school reunion. i did not attend for a variety of reasons, but i was sad i wasn’t able to to attend. it was the same day as one of my boyfriend’s triathlons. i make it a priority to attend his races; it is so important to me to support him in any way i can. in addition, the cost of going to the reunion (in pennsylvania) was too steep once i factored in plane ticket, hotel, transportation, tickets for reunion events…it was too much. i have a lot of travel coming up this year with my boyfriend and friends. 2015 is definitely a big year for me. there isn’t a month this year where i don’t have a big event going on some weekend that either requires airline travel or fancy dress.

i went to my five year high school reunion in 2010 and had a really great time. i feel really lucky to have gone to a small, close-knit high school that doesn’t hold back when planning class reunions. every may, the school hosts alumni weekend where any alumni from any year can come back to campus and take part in special events that showcase the school: lectures from teachers and accomplished alumni, student vs. alumni sports games, dedications of new buildings, fabulous send-offs to retiring faculty and staff. there’s food, and games, and tons of photos. classes who are celebrating reunion years plan special off campus events with their classmates.

i’m not especially close with anyone from high school anymore. with facebook i’m able to keep up with some people through status updates and quick “hey, how are you?” i am sad to have not kept in better contact with my friends from school they were great people, very nice, good friends. geography definitely has something to do with it; most of my friends from high school live back east (not surprising since my hs is in pa), and i definitely connect better with people face to face. but still, that’s no excuse for not doing a better job of communicating with the people who i called my friends.

even though i wasn’t able to attend my 10 year reunion, i’m excited to attend again in 5 years…that would be my 15th reunion. ooo…that sounds old.


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