2015 reading update

i have been doing a terrible job keeping up with my reading goals for this year. my goal is to read 30 books this year, all written by women. i’ve read 5 books so far; goodreads says i’m 6 books behind. i will really need to get a move on if i want to hit my goal. i’m not sure what’s behind my demotivation in 2015.

while working at the coffee shop, i read a lot on my lunch breaks. it was one of the only times when i was able to sit and relax and take some time for myself. i got to sit still, get off my feet, lean back and enjoy my book. working in an office, things are flipped. i sit for most of the day, and i am left mostly to myself. with my two monitors, i can do my work on one screen and keep up with chatting, news, and social media on the other screen. it’s a very relaxing job. so, when i take my breaks i like to move around. i like to get out and stroll through the gardens. i feel so fortunate to work in such a beautiful setting i want to take as much advantage as possible (i think i’m starting to sound like a broken record to most people). during my lunch break i try to eat quickly and then go for a walk. it’s not just about being able to walk in a garden setting, i’m also anxious to walk for exercise. i feel a little guilty for sitting and reading a book when i spend most of the day sitting doing work. i’m still trying to work out a balance.

right now, i’m reading a book of colette stories. i’m on the last story. i am going away for memorial day weekend, so i will probably pick a book to take with me on the trip. something breezy and short. i think going forward what i need to do is read more when i get home after work and watch less netflix.


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