it’s too expensive

i love following personal style blogs online. i love seeing how other people define their style, how they accessorize, how they remix and re-wear their clothes year after year and through multiple seasons.

and there’s the rub; i’m finding more and more that style bloggers are wearing new and expensive items in every blog post. i hardly see the bloggers i like wearing items over and over. everything is new, and everything seems to be expensive.

i know for a lot of these bloggers the blog is a business, either full-time or part-time. they need to make money, and that comes through partnerships with brands. i just wish that the items they featured were a little more affordable (not a $500 dress from barney’s) and were worn more than once.

i don’t know, maybe i’m not really understanding the intentions or i’m not the target audience for style blogs. i’m not looking for new shopping leads; as i’ve mentioned previously i’m kind of over shopping. i really am primarily interested in looking at the clothes, looking at the styling, and thinking about how i would style the pieces.


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