reading update

well, i’m still pretty behind on my reading for this year. i just finished my 8th book of the year yesterday (the utterly charming looking for me by beth hoffman) and started on my 9th (as always, julia a book of letters between julia child and avis de voto). i am still going with my plan of only reading books this year written by women. according to goodreads, i am 7 books behind schedule if i’m going to read 30 books this year. it’s a tall order, but i’m going to do my best. right now i’m really attracted to books that are light-hearted, mostly uplifting, and focus on female relationships.

this sunday, i am having brunch with my friend, and we are going to swap books. i have a short stack of books that i’ve read that i can hopefully swap for new-to-me books that i will enjoy. honestly, i have more books right now than i have space for on my shelves; i actually have a stack of unread books on the floor. it is a struggle to stop myself from buying books. i have many on my amazon wishlist, and just about every month a new book comes out that i add to my wishlist. right now it mostly functions as a to-read list. obviously i’m not currently buying myself any new books, but i never object to books as gifts. 🙂

one of my best book buying secrets is to buy used. i love going to goodwill to browse and i love buying used from amazon where i can usually find the book i want for $0.01 plus $3.99 shipping. this mostly works for books that are a couple years old, not new releases.


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