gettin’ my steps in

i’ve had my fitbit for almost 2 years. this past week i have really been hunkering down and getting in all my steps daily. my goal for the past week has been 10,500 steps a day. tomorrow (monday) i’m going to raise it to 11,000 a day.

i decided to get more seriously about moving more because i have a friend getting married at the end of september and there’s a dress i want to fit into for the reception. it’s not too too small, just about one size too small for me. so i’m working on moving more and eating less.

in march, i started a new job where i sit at a desk. even though i actually really really love my job, the fact is that i went from a job where i was standing and moving around for 75% of my day to a job where i’m sitting down 90% of the time. when i started my new job, i wanted to make it a priority to go for walks on my breaks. i didn’t want to become a sedentary slob.

when the weather is not unbearably hot, i usually get in two walks a day at work; when added up with the other moving and walking throughout the day, i get in my steps easily. however, this summer has been unbelievable hot. i hate leaving the office for much longer than a few minutes. and having to exert energy to take a walk around a lush botanical garden with hills and minimal shade…? i was getting sweaty and smelly regularly, and my clothes were gross. my walks basically were put on hold.

since deciding to really take control of my fitness and activity level, i knew that i would have to find a way to get in my steps with regularity. i began to take walks in the evening, usually post-8pm after the weather has significantly cooled down. i walk for usually around 45 minutes in my neighborhood and i make my daily step goals. these evening walks are also a nice and refreshing way to get out of my apartment, away from my laptop. it’s a good time to think about things, reflect on my day, gather my thoughts. it has definitely become one of my favorite parts of the day.