the end of coffee?

in the past couple of weeks, i have come to the unfortunate conclusion that i cannot drink coffee anymore. i have some digestive issues that i have found to be triggered by drinking coffee, and i’ll just leave it at that. don’t want to go into any tmi.

now, this is purely from trial and error, and my decision to stop drinking coffee is a self-diagnosed cure. my stomach and my whole digestive system have felt so much better, so calm, ever since i switched to drinking tea exclusively.

i have been a coffee drinker for a long time. it has never been a ritual, like how some people always drink a cup in the morning, or always need a cup at 3pm. my coffee habits have always been more casual and free-form. i enjoy regular drip coffee, lattes, mochas, iced coffee. i also enjoy flavored lattes, including the now much-maligned pumpkin latte. i think i’ve always enjoyed the comforting warmth and strength of flavor that i got from coffee drinks.

i am now drinking around two cups of tea a day. one in the morning right after my shower, and a second right after i get to work. i find myself reaching for black teas, because i love the richness of them, the depth of flavor.

i am sad to think of giving up coffee permanently, but thinking of putting myself through that much discomfort and pain again just doesn’t sound like it’s worth it.


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