do you know about nanowrimo? it’s a month-long novel writing challenge every november where folks attempt to write at least 50,000 words of a novel. i love the idea, and it really speaks to my somewhat secret desire to be a professional writer in some capacity.

i feel like i always have great i ideas for starts of stories, i love thinking up characters and places. but i have too short an attention span to really look beyond the setup. i can’t seem to follow through with a middle and an end. i have always had a sneaking suspicion that i would be great at writing summaries of novels for book jackets. how does one get into that, i wonder?

as i’ve gotten older, my writing has veered more towards personal essays and stories. i’m not as interested in writing fiction. that doesn’t diminish my appreciation for nanowrimo and those who participate. it also does not diminish my feeling that it would one day be a great goal to accomplish.

have you heard of nanowrimo? have you ever participated?


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