perfect black pants

ever since taking an office job 8 months ago, i have been on the hunt for the pair of perfect black pants. i didn’t want them too long; i had to be able to wear them with flats (without making a trip to the tailor first). i wanted them to be straight legged, but not super-skinny. i wanted them to have belt loops and pockets. and i wanted them to be machine washable, natch.

after spending over 3 years working food service retail, my closet was mostly made up of jeans and skinny pants that were a little snug around the waist. i took many shopping trips. i went to department stores, discount stores, store-hopping at the mall trying on everything that looked like would fit my requirements. nothing was working, and i got pretty frustrated and basically decided to stop looking.

i did stock up on some navy and gray pants for work, courtesy of (re-)discovering ann taylor loft. a co-worker really likes shopping there, and i took advantage of a few sales to order mass quantities of pants in various styles and colors (alas, black is almost never on sale). in the end i kept two pairs, returned the rest, and decided that when the universe was ready, i would find the right pair of black pants.

that time has come. i am now the proud owner of a pair of these pencil pants from loft. i love the fit, the length, and the fabric. i am happy to wear them for years to come.

do you shop at loft? what do you think of their clothes?


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