holiday wishlist

i have an amazon wishlist that i routinely add stuff to anytime i’m browsing the site. it’s a public wishlist, and i’ve given the link out when my friends and i do something like secret santa or if someone specifically asks if i have one. but i don’t routinely advertise it around gift-giving time. my wishlist is more for myself, a notepad of sorts, helping me to remember what i’m interested in, what books sound good, when a price on a certain item goes down.

this year i have some more concrete ideas for gifts for when my mom comes asking. last year i told her multiple times that i had no concrete gift ideas, i didn’t want to pick out more stuff, and please just write me a check if you want to give me something. i said the same thing for my birthday a few months later. my mom could not wrap her head around the idea of just writing me a check for whatever amount my parents would’ve spent on a gift, so i got nothing. both times.

a few months ago i tried out mario bedescu samples and i really liked the skin care products. i felt like they really helped me skin feel smoother, softer, and look brighter. i’m going to ask for one of the gift sets for the holidays. i have also decided that i would like to switch my conditioner and shampoo to deva curl brand. i have curly hair, and i really want to give this brand a try.

do you have a holiday wishlist? what’s on it?


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