holiday shopping

this year, i decided to start saving money for the holidays early by putting away a little cash each month. i also decided to start shopping for the holidays early so that i wouldn’t be stressed out when december rolled around. both of these plans have been very successful this year, and i plan on carrying this new tradition into 2016.

by saving up a little cash each month, i have a pretty nice little wad to spend on the people i care about the most without feeling overwhelmed by how much i’m spending on each person. by shopping early, i have been able to buy stuff on sale and plan more carefully about who gets what. i can wait a little longer to pick up a gift for someone; i don’t feel rushed. these two plans together have yielded a nice result as well: i have been able to add people to my gift list that in previous years i wasn’t able to include because of timing and finances. this makes me happy.

i have also decided to save money on holiday cards by using up my extensive collection of cards left over throughout the years. i have remnants of holiday card boxes going back ten years! in past years, i have usually bought a new box of cards and i always have leftovers at the end of the season. i even have enough left over hanukkah cards to give to my family (fyi: aahs is a good store to find hanukkah cards). not buying cards will save me money that i can use to pay for postage to send my holiday gifts this year.

have you started shopping for the holidays? do you like to save money throughout the year for holiday shopping?


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