finding the right routine

i love beauty products, mostly skin and hair care products. i’ve had skin issues for what feels like practically my entire life, and i feel like i’m always on the hunt for something that will be the magic cure-all.

i have suffered from acne for a long time. for a long time it was pretty prominent all over my face. then in college, i went on a form of accutane which helped to clear up and heal a lot of my acne. finally, a few years after college, i started birth control and my skin cleared up about 90%. my acne is now relegated to mostly my lower jaw line and just under my chin. along the way i saw many dermatologists and tried many many different oral and topical medications. i felt desperate for anything that would rid me of acne.

as you can imagine, i pretty much jump at new skin care products that promise to help my skin. and not just with the acne, but with a whole host of other issues like redness, large pores, oiliness, excess shine, blotchiness, scarring. i’ve spent a lot of money at sephora, ulta, target, trader joes, and the drug store. some stuff has kind of worked, some stuff seemed to never work, and some stuff seemed to work at first and then kind of peter out over time.

some of this is my fault; i need to be better about sticking to a routine. even with all the issues i have with my skin, i still, on occasion, go to bed without washing my face when i’m super tired. sometimes when i’m feeling lazy, i don’t follow my full routine. i just stop after cleansing. i know that real results will come when i find a rountine that i like and really stick to it and really give my products the chance to work their magic.

what about you? do you have skin issues? do you love trying out new skin care products?


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