my clothing hack

“life hacks” are all the rage these days. i see articles for ikea hacks, closet hacks, cleaning hacks on lifestyle websites just about every time i navigate to one.

i have my own hack; it’s a clothing hack. sometimes i buy children’s clothes. don’t think i’m just waltzing into carter’s and gymboree to find the latest styles. i like to look for options from brands that make adult lines as well as children’s lines. there is a lot of design crossover. sometimes you can find items that are nearly identical, or at least very similar, in the children’s section and get it for a fraction of the price for the adult version.

i started looking at children’s clothes options when i worked at ralph lauren in the kids department. every season when the new collections would arrive, i noticed how many mini-versions of adult pieces were available for kids. it wasn’t just standard t-shirts and polos. there were dreses and jackets and sweaters all made in scaled-down versions. one time while stocking and merchandising, i thought “hey, this would probably fit me.” my co-workers quickly admitted to trying on and buying clothes from the children’s section, so i gave it a whirl. i found that at ralph lauren, i can fit into boys clothing size l (14-16).

buying children’s clothes for myself is not something i make a habit of, and the vast majority of my clothes are from women’s stores. however, i do love a good deal, and if it means buying a children’s version of an adult item, not only will i buy it, i will let everyone know.


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